The Zeros Foundation

Established in early 2019 as a direct response to the prohibitive fees typically associated with retaining a design and creative agency, we work with partnered nonprofit organizations to produce captivating and immersive content, campaigns, and stories that further the causes they work so diligently to support. The Zeros Foundation helps new and seasoned organizations alike tell their stories in the most powerful, impactful and creative ways.

The Team

Eunice Rabert
Executive Director

James Perez
Managing director

Joshua Perez
Creative director


It was a pleasure working with James and The Zeros Foundation to capture our inspiring mission, in action! James photographed and filmed at one of our hospital events, where our college student volunteers were interacting with young patients. He was able to capture these precious moments as the students engaged the children and teen patients in activities, such as putting together their own fleece blanket! The patients were also given our Comfort Kits and James captured their priceless reactions. They were just so excited! While we are doing this important work every day, it is not every day that we are able to capture it with high quality photographs and video. Thank you to The Zeros Foundation for giving us great collateral we can use to showcase our impact and continue to grow!